I first met Fletcher through MTArt Agency @mtartagency and amazing friend Marine Tanguy @marinetanguyart of whom Fletcher is an Art Ambassador. She is an extremely creative, strong and passionate woman I am so lucky to know.

We discuss early memories, the art of David Aiu Servan-Schreiber @davidaiu , growing up in the UK, art collections and more…




    What has been the highlight of your career so far?


    Launching the Young Collectors Club with Christies and MTArt Agency - it was so exciting to see it all come together after months of planning, and subsequently to have been able to host some incredible figures from the art world.

    Tell me about your earliest memory surrounding art, and when did you decide to pursue a career in art?

    I was always really creative as a child; I remember I had this little box of watercolour paints that I loved to use. It was much later that I started to think about working in art though - not until my mid twenties.


    What was the first piece of artwork you bought?

    A piece that is very special to me - one of David Aiu Servan-Schreiber's pieces from his Planet series. I went to see him in his studio and saw it for the first time then. Whenever I look at it I am filled with tranquility, and it reminds me to be kind to our planet.


    Where did you grow up? What did you study?

    I grew up in Berkshire, then did a mini tour of the UK with Universities; first Royal Holloway, then Hull and finally King's College London where I completed my master's in Shakespeare. Along the way I studied European Literature, English Literature and a few modules in Art History.


    What are your top tips for anyone starting their art collection?

    Do your research, work out what you like, explore different artists and then follow your heart. Don't buy a piece because you think it will be a good investment; buy a piece because you love it. If you want it to act as an investment too, do your research around the artist - just remember it's so important to enjoy what is on your wall.


    What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

    I think there is little in life as invigorating and rebalancing as sleeping outside under the open sky. I have slept on beaches, a picnic table in the middle of death valley, and recently I've been hammock camping.

  • If you could have a meal with any artist from any time, what would the meal be and who would it be with?

    Just one?! Gosh. I think I'd have to choose Salvador Dali. I am always left in awe of his work and he continues to be such an influential figure in the arts - I think the conversation would be fascinating. As for food, I don't think I'd be focusing too much on that so something simple to et without concentrating on it too much. Steak maybe.


    What has been your experience of the creative world so far?

    It's a cacophony of passionate minds thinking outside the box, driving things forward. I feel very fortunate to have an incredible network of inspiring, supportive and kind people around me.


    What are some things you’re committed to fulfilling?

    Personally, being as supportive and kind as I can be. I firmly believe that success is a team effort.

    Professionally, making art infiltrate all areas of our lives. Art should be everywhere - nothing would make me happier than public art filling our towns and cities.


    What is your greatest indulgence in life?

    Good quality cheese, coffee, meat and wine from independent, specialist providers. I really, really enjoy those things and it's worth the marginal extra cost for the quality. Also, just giving my time off sometimes to totally get away from things I 'have' to do, and focus on things I 'want' to do.


    How would you reframe the conversation around art to get more people involved?

    Everyone is entitled to art, whether its creating art in whatever form they can, or enjoying it in galleries, outside or even on Instagram! I would love to see more art in towns and cities. Galleries and museums are wonderful places to visit, but art should not be confined to them! I think sometimes art can be perceived as elitist and it shouldn't be!


    Looking ahead, what do you think could be your biggest challenge?

    To achieve my dream goal of art on every street corner, I think my biggest challenge will be proving the benefits of public art and persuading organisations that it is well worth the investment. It is!


    What piece of advice would you give a young person in the arts?

    Meet as many people as possible to build your network, be supportive of your peers and seize all the opportunities you can. You can figure out how you will make it work later.


    What would be your dream project?

    Ooh let's think big. I would love to organise an international public art festival in multiple cities around the world. One of my favourite things to do is bring people together to share an experience and a festival that runs throughout the world, allowing people to see similar pieces of art at the same time, connecting people internationally and creating a global public would be a dream.


    Favourite historical female artist?


    Hmmm...tough one. I think Tamara de Lempicka. I adore her style and she had such a captivating life story.

    Favourite current practising female artist ?


    There are so many incredible practicing female artists that it's impossible to choose just one! I am a big fan of Lauren Baker - her energy is palpable and her artistic vision is truly special. Her work is other-worldly. I am also a huge fan of Emily Ponsonby. For my 30th, my friends gifted me one of her pieces and it makes me smile every morning when I wake up.