Antonia Showering is a modern master. Incredibly alluring, just out of reach, ethereal and mesmerising, her works show us a world we know, and yet can't quite grasp. 


The personal, figurative subjects embody a misty, nostalgic and memory filled world, equally engrossed  in and emerging from the supple brush strokes and dream like canvas. These narratives are ones we know. 


I adore Showering's work, especially drawn to her use of colour, of misty yellows, pastel pinks and greens. Almost hallucinatory. The colours to me speak of memory not quite remembered, and times almost forgotten. The regular theme of water speaks of something hidden, obscuring and concealing. The large scale pieces blow you away every time!


    Antonia, your work speaks of so many things, memory, nostalgia… so if you had to describe your work in three words, what would they be?


    Recollection, love, heritage


    Very interesting - Antonia, can you tell me about your earliest memory surrounding art, and when you decided to pursue your career!


    An early memory surrounding art is from when I was staying at my grandparents house as a child (young enough to be upset there were no toys). To solve this I drew and then cut around invented characters. It was a special moment where I realised the abundance of imagination. Then later, in the 1st year of my BA, the school organised a visit to a studio just off Hoxton Square. It was the first time I fully understood how an artist can literally paint all day, with no one around but your dog by your side, the music on, working until any hour you please. I always wanted to be an artist but seeing this properly confirmed it.

    " It was a special moment where I realised the abundance of imagination."  



    What an amazing memory. The abundance of imagination. What do you believe is the most significant aspect of your work Antonia?


    Colour choices are a pretty huge aspect of my practice — but it’s hard to say as every decision leading up to the final surface is important.


    Very true. I’m very drawn to your colour choices. Antonia, if you could have a meal with any artist from any time: firstly, what would the meal be?


    So we would have as long together as possible it would have to be a twenty-one course meal.


    Haha! Perfect, and who would it be with?






    Munch’s paintings are emotional yet powerful and I have a thousand questions I’d love to ask him. I’d love to know what he’s like in person, so what better way to find out over a twenty-one course meal. He clearly felt very deeply. I would love to talk to him about his loves romantically and also artistically.



    That’s a great answer. So personal and professional? What are some things you’re committed to fulfilling in your career?


    To paint as much as I can and continue showing the work in galleries I enjoy working with. And to also teach occasionally, I’ve been back to where I studied my undergrad (City and Guilds of London Art School) a couple of times to tutor and find it really inspiring talking to all these budding artists full of ideas and passion.


     And finally - Who are your favourite current practicing female artists?


    Tracey Emin, Miriam Cahn, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Etal Adnan, Chantal Joffe, Lisa Brice, Marlene Dumas, Sofia Mitsola