How would you describe your artistic practice in three words?


    Personal, cathartic, diverse


    What issues do you believe need to change or be challenged in the art world?


    My primary frustration with the industry which I hope to challenge is the lack of diversity. There is not enough opportunities for working class and non-white people to thrive artistically, which is not only wrong but a huge waste of talent.


    What is your studio like?


    I am very fortunate to have a gorgeous studio on the Strand, which is so wonderful as I can just pop downstairs to enjoy a cup of tea and sandwich on the Thames. Having lived by the sea previously, I find water incredibly inspiring. The Thames provides a grounding closeness to nature despite being in the city. The space is incredibly personal. Having always been a collector of objet d'art and miscellaneous antiques, there are interesting props all over, which create a visually interesting space I enjoy being in.

    Could you tell us a bit about the artwork you have in ‘Heart of the Matter’?


    Toulouse is an abstract portrait. Toulouse is a multitude of contrasts. A deep and textured abstract portrait displaying multiple forms. The rich colours seeping from the dark background create a bed for Toulouse’s striking features that reveal further detail with every subsequent viewing.


    Who are your art world role models or muse (and their instagram handles).


    I love the work of Luke Edward Hall. He shares my love for both art and antiques- his colour palette is spot on.