EVITA TEZENO: @evitatezeno





Welcome to the incredible “Colorful, thoughtful, and entertaining” work of the amazing Evita Tezeno!

Tezeno’s creates striking collages with an array of mixed media. The art has a cubism influence and feel, and the shapes, colour and texture lie at the core of her work. 
They remind me of quilt making, so tangible. 
The beautiful figurative forms Tezeno depicts sit at the forefront of her work, worked from a complex perspective, adding depth through the multi-media collage. Ordinary scenes, become nuanced and beautiful.

There is an accentuation of femininity, of feminine essence in Tezeno’s work that I really enjoy. During my interview with her recently, she said “My work is very autobiographical, I pull from childhood memories and day to experiences.”


    "Determination, confidence and consistency."



    Evita, thank you so much for taking part in this interview. Your work is such an inspiration. Talk to us first, if you will, about your journey to becoming an artist.

    I started doing art professionally in 1993, this was before social media. I travelled with a group of artists doing shows and visiting galleries. 1993 to 1998 I was painting in the impressionistic style, in the summer of 1998 I had a dream that an angel came to my door and gave me a book of sketches, he told me that if I would change my art style I would be successful. I did and in 1999 I was commissioned to do 2 National music festival posters. Since then I have countless exhibitions nationally and I am now represented by 4 galleries. I did not have a plan B, I had to make my art career work. So I did what I took to get my art exposed and represented.


    And when did you first start producing work?

    I started producing work in high school.


    That's amazing! Highschool till now. And what 3 words would you use to describe your artwork?

    Colorful, thoughtful, and entertaining

    Your work is so varied and uses so many patterns, shapes and colour in such an interesting way. Can you tell us a bit about your process, and how each of your artwork comes to be?

    My work begins with a sketch, It is transferred to the watercoloured board. I then use hand-painted papers, that I paint using various techniques. I cut out this paper and put them together like a puzzle to develop the finished product.


    What responses have you had to your artwork? And What do you hope that is said to people?

    I want my art to speak of joy, hope and fond memories of yesterday. People say that my work makes them think of family, of home and childhood memories.

    That's lovely, 'fond memories of yesterday'... And what are you working on now?


    Currently, I am working on a series about the Coronavirus I think this will be the most memorable body of work I have created.

  • How do you feel about parting with your artworks? Do you ever get nervous about it?

    No, I don’t feel nervous about parting with my work, this is why I create, for others to enjoy my talent. My work is very autobiographical, I pull from childhood memories and day to experiences.


    Who or what are your biggest influences, and how do you find them?

    Romare Bearden was and is my biggest influence and I came across him while I was in college. He was a collage artist and he did paintings of his experiences, he has been a very big influence on my practice.


    What are your artist essentials, and where do you like to create the best? What is your studio like?

    I use almost every medium but my essentials are acrylic paint, watercolour and acrylic inks. I create best anywhere but I work mainly in my studio. My studio is organized chaos.


    Has your artwork evolved much over the years Evita?

    My practice has gone from painting impressionistic in acrylic to using multimedia and creating was cubist figures. My work is completely different From where I began.


    Looking ahead, what do you think could be your biggest challenge?

    Getting into a blue-chip gallery seem to be a huge challenge because my work is not edgy.


    What do you for fun?

    I cook I am a plant-based chef.


    Amazing! You'll have to send me some recipes!! What is next for you as an artist?

    I will be featured in 100 African American Artist that you should know


    What would be your dream project? And what is your current project called?

    Dream proJect is to do life-size pieces. The project that I am working on currently “Daughter's of the Crown”


    Favourite historical female artist?

    Elizabeth Catlett


    Favourite current practising female artist?

    Bisa Butler

    She's one of mine too!