How would you describe your artistic practice in three words?

    Frustrating, Empowering, Mortifying

    What issues do you believe need to change or be challenged in the art world?

    I would like to see more black portrait artists- representation is extremely important and growing up I never saw representations of myself in museums and galleries and it had a very profound effect on me. That want of being able to see black people depicted in paintings ( and not holding a bowl of fruit in the background) really propelled me to choose the path I did. 

    What is your studio like?

    I love painting from life so having North facing large windows and lots of room to step back and view my work from a distance. Im a big fan of listening to terrible cheesy Whodunnit audiobooks or when I really need to get something done Megan the Stallion on full blast.


    Could you tell us a bit about the artwork(s) you have in ‘Heart of the Matter’?

     Its a moment, a split second with the viewer looking at two women. One catches the viewers eye the and one is looking away . I always try to capture brief fleeting moments that in real life would disappear in a second. 

    Who are your art world role models or muse ?


    I love Michaela Yearwood- Dans @artistandgal work I think her use of colour is so wonderful. And I’m also a big fan of Deborah Segun @Deborah_jayde her paintings have this amazing sense of tranquility that I love.