Her striking, intense colours and patterning accentuate the charged moments in her pieces, and certainly work to draw me in!


Brookfield’s body of work investigates the emotional and physical spaces between people in intimate and tense moments. She then explores the feelings of alienation that this provokes.

I particularly love the questions her work provokes, the unexplained. Are the characters playing? Fighting? In love? Hating?




    Nell, thank you so much for this interview! I know we can only do a quick one... First of all, what do you intend for your work to say?

    I investigate the emotional and physical spaces between people that are present in both intimate or tense moments; and the feelings of alienation this provokes. There is a sense of tenderness and touch between the figures, whilst always the possibility of struggle and strife. The animal costumes are tools to either mask, or reveal human instincts of desire, frustration and rejection.


    And, tell us a bit about your colour palette?


    I use intense colours and patterning to accentuate the charged moments between my figures.


    Is there any advice you would give to an aspiring artist?

    Keep working and draw what excites you!


    Excellent advice! Where do you get your inspiration?

    I draw from my imagination, memory and sight. I am often inspired by what I find in books and galleries.


    Nell, who is your favourite female artist working at the moment?

    Kiki Smith