How would you describe your artistic practice in three words? 


    Intimate, honest, fluid


    What issues do you believe need to change or be challenged in the art world? 


    All of them its strength is in its ability to hold plural narrative and its should always strives to do so. I look forward to the day the guerrilla girls’ posters don’t still speak to the present. 


    What is your studio like? 


    Ideally, I paint best when I feel like I have infinite time, I can be in the studio all day but resolutions usually come between 2pm- 2am. 


    I’m particularly fond of the early hour of the morning accompanied by music. Inspired by the creativity, earnestness and looseness of the music I make decisions which I might not otherwise make, there almost always good ones.   


    Could you tell us a bit about the artwork(s) you have in ‘Heart of the Matter’?


    Viv in Southend 


    Who are your art world role models or muse?


    Too many to think of and few have Instagram though. 

    “I love no woman no cry” by Chris Ofili - was the first contemporary painting that I really fell in love with because it was a painting you felt , much like the music I love such as Tracey Chapman.

    I like Jennifer Packer, Chantal Joffe , Karin Mamma Anderson and Hurvin Anderson.