Cornwall/ London based artist Robinson produces fluid, very physical and colourful multi-media artworks that you simply can’t forget. Her paintings are physical representations of her thought processes, and explore the boundaries of energy of a single place, or of a memory. 

They are extremely emotional, and explore the emotional connections with places, including Cornwall. 

You feel such a fluid, vibrant energy from each piece. The shapes, colours and motion of each piece radiates from the medium. 

I had such a delightful time interviewing her a few weeks ago in Lockdown.





    Caroline, first of all, tell us about your work

    My work is very much a physical representation of what mind is thinking. Getting it out there and making marks is a massive help to me mentally. Sometimes my work is just for myself. More often than not the physical process is more important to me than the end result.

    And tell us about your colour palette and how you work with them?


    My colour palette is often described as a juxtaposition of colour choices. I enjoy mixing my own colours and I love working with blue. I start all my work with black charcoal drawing and then move into layers of colour.


    What advice would you give to an aspiring artist?

    My advise to any aspiring artist is to just create, and keep creating. The process allows you to find your own style and to enjoy it along the way.


    "... the physical process is more important ..."

    Where does your inspiration come from?

    My inspiration comes from my mind. I draw inspiration every day from life, my surroundings, people and heavily featured in my work is my connection to my late father. Painting for me is intrinsic to daily life, to my way of coping and to exploring colour and expression.

    Who is your favourite female artist?

    My favourite female artist at the moment is Nettle Grellier. She has an amazing talent at capturing simple moments of connection. Her work is beautiful.