CLARE DUDENEY: @claredudeney








  • "Relationships of colour & shape."

    A quick first one, but a difficult one. How would you describe your work in 3 words?

    Relationships of colour & shape ( trace subconscious thoughts & feelings)

    I love that! You mention colour... can you tell us about your use of colour?

    I enjoy the alchemy of mixing colours and not knowing what you‘ll get. Creating unexpected interactions - e.g. keeping the same tone but placing a bright hue against a muted tertiary.

    Every artist has a journey, so Clare, what is your earliest memory involving art?

    The cat brought in a dead baby starling - it was so beautiful and I drew it many times.


    Poor little bird, but how fascinating. No wonder that stuck in your mind! A big question here, who is your favourite historical female artist?

    Etel Adnan makes incredible pallet knife paintings in flat planes of colour, also tapestries which look like felt tip pens. Concertina books filled with adventures of colour & line. And she also wrote poetry!! 🤩

    And who is your favourite practising female artist?

    Sheila Hicks makes quiet, poignant everyday weavings as well as huge installations - showing how twisted threads have a place in contemporary art. @hastingsshicks

    This is an interesting one to document during this time. Clare, how do you think the current crisis has changed your working practice?

    Making work has been a space of freedom. It’s given me structure and hope. I’ve linked it more closely with mental wellness - practising mediation, being more present, mindful in nature and appreciative of small pleasures.